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Restoration of Self-Acceptance: Stories for Coaching and Inspiration

We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. Primped and Prepped serves as a vessel to project my day to day thoughts, passions, and activities. After a period of rediscovery, I'm returning to clue in my loyal readers as to what motivates and inspires me daily.  So, sit back, relax, and read on.


November 13, 2019

Do what you love and love what you do; a very popular quote that even I have been known to use a time or two.  Have you ever wondered what it really means?  We're in an age of increasing entrepreneurship and self employment.  If you ask a group of ten people , "so what...

June 26, 2019

So you're in your 30's and never thought language learning was all that important, but now you do. Don't beat yourself up too bad.  Its not your fault.  We go through school from Kindergarten to at least seventh grade focusing only on English, Social Studies, Math, & S...

January 12, 2019

Just the other day a good friend of mine shared something personal about herself with me. She told me that she was struggling. There was something about the way she shared her news that touched my heart. It was news that could very well be devastating; something that o...

December 12, 2018

If you google “Christmas card picture idea” you will mostly find pictures of families, couples,  someone's kids, couples with kids, couples with pets, etc.  When ordering the cards you won’t find many, if any options for pictures showing just one person on the store we...

November 28, 2018

One short year ago I had a dismal perspective.  It was just after Thanksgiving, Christmas was approaching, and I was NOT looking forward to it. Business was slow, work was not paying the bills, and I was...well alone.  I wasn't really alone, but funny how it can seem t...

October 17, 2018

                  “I have to work really hard to be happy.” I said through tears, “and it just doesn’t seem to be working.”

I was talking to my Aunt Justine, who often lends her ear for a good hour or two, or three. It just really...

October 3, 2018

Dynamic--What does that word mean to you? Someone once called me dynamic. It sounded like a compliment, and I said thank you, but I don't think I knew in that moment exactly what it meant. 

On another occasion someone said, "You should figure out what you want to do wit...

September 19, 2018

"Maybe she doesn't require as much as you do.", he said.  In disbelief, I replied "But I never asked for anything."

I've heard it all before.  My drive, ambition, and unwavering determination can be intimidating.  There's that word. Even though I don't typically shout o...

September 5, 2018

"No!, I could never go without my perm." "Natural? Who me? Never."  "Some people need to get perms, and I am one of those people." , I said with confidence.  Every five to six weeks, without fail for thirty years of my life, I relaxed my hair.  The older I got, the mor...

August 22, 2018

Wait! I quit my job to learn Spanish. Really?

Having been afraid to take Spanish classes at the college level in my freshman year, I missed the opportunity. Sophomore year, I picked up as many classes as I could. I was no scholar in these classes. Most of the time, I wa...

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