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Play, Work, Build: Dare to be Dynamic.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

Dynamic--What does that word mean to you? Someone once called me dynamic. It sounded like a compliment, and I said thank you, but I don't think I knew in that moment exactly what it meant.

On another occasion someone said, "You should figure out what you want to do with yourself, because right now you seem extremely indecisive."

Its funny how people will impose their opinion on you, telling you who or what you should be.

Its even funnier that those same opinionated people haven't yet figured out who they are. Listen, what I have learned over the years is that people will always, and I do mean always, have something to say. I have also noticed that these people are often insecure about their own life choices. They feel the need to interject what they think about someone else, in order to make themselves feel...

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

Well, I just think that people who are focused on their own progression have little or no time to critically analyze the decisions of others.

I really want you to understand that often times people who cannot relate to you will criticize you. To be clear, this doesn't apply to everyone and I'm grateful for both people's opinions, previously mentioned.

However, I am specifically talking about those who provide unsolicited critically annoying advice. In his book Everybody Always, Bob Goff urges people to change their message delivery by telling us" Don't tell people what they want, tell them who they are."

I've decided today to tell people about me. The first person was right! I am dynamic; which means characterized by constant change or progress. Being talented and pursuing my talents through many platforms doesn't make me indecisive. It just means I can't be placed in a box. I simply don't fit.

Bachelor's-- check

8 year commitment to the U.S. Army Reserves--Check

Master's --Check

Study abroad--Check

Achieve Spanish Fluency--Check

Run a tutoring service--Check

Become a group fitness instructor---Check

My Bachelor's is in a different field than my Master's. My decision to join the reserves wasn't really related to my education at all. Studying abroad and learning Spanish was a random personal choice. I don't have a teaching certificate, and I've barely discussed my love of running and fitness with anyone. At first glance, I can see how all of these activities seem totally unrelated. It can appear that I'm "all over the place." Hey, What can I say? I'm talented.

But don't miss the theme: I'm a goal digger. I set goals for myself and I accomplish them.

If there is anything that you've ever wanted to do, and you find yourself not even trying because it doesn't seem to fit. Try this: Stop trying to make it fit and just go do it!

If you have a talent that brings you joy but you're sitting on it because you're afraid of what other's my might think, let me ask you a question: Why are you spending time worrying about the opinion of people that lack ambition? You've got work to do.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

Share your gift. It may not have anything to do with your degree, your certificates, or your current career, but it will. be. progress.

Don't know where or how to start? Allow me to help:

Get an idea of what you want to do. Play around with the idea. Have fun with it (don't take yourself too seriously). Make a plan and then begin to work on it. Spend every free moment taking the necessary time to build your vision.




Dare to be Dynamic