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My Kind of Happy

“I have to work really hard to be happy.” I said through tears, “and it just doesn’t seem to be working.”

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

I was talking to my Aunt Justine, who often lends her ear for a good hour or two, or three. It just really depends on how big my crisis is that day. As I’ve gotten older, experienced my fair share of bad days, disappointments, heart breaks….oh the heartbreaks are the worst!, and setbacks, I’ve noticed I’ve had way too many of these conversations. This particular conversation I found myself really analyzing how much work it took for me to be happy. I remember feeling victimized by this thought (I was making myself a victim).

I mean really, Morgan. Who just wakes up completely and utterly happy every single day? ; Nobody really. Somebody is saying right now --“Well, I do.”-- But I bet if they really examine why and how they wake up happy it is because at some point they made the choice to be happy.

You see, happiness is not something that just happens. If a person wants to be happy, they have to be happy on purpose. Simple statement, hard task. Imagine that, here I am complaining about having to work for my happiness and that’s exactly what I should be doing. God’s got me right where He wants me!

I find it works best if I start in the morning. I literally wake up saying “Thank you.” I might not even know exactly why I am saying thank you, but I know I have something to be thankful for. Its very difficult to be grateful and angry at the same time, or grateful and sad, grateful and jealous, or grateful and depressed. So you really could catch me any time of the day, with my eyes closed lost in a silent prayer of gratitude.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

I really don’t know why I thought being happy was different than any other habit I’ve formed. One day while brushing my teeth, putting on my make up, and styling my hair, something clicked! Just like I had developed the habit of completing this routine every single day to create my look before leaving the house, I can develop another habit by completing another routine to create my happiness before leaving the house.

You see, my kind of happy takes work. I mean, a lot of work. (Me and Jesus know why that is) . Your kind of happy may not be as difficult to come by as mine. Nevertheless, it takes some doing on your part to have the kind of positive feelings that most of us desire.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

And since I think the big key to happiness is gratitude, I am going to suggest you start by saying a simple thank you.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

Thank you in advance for my kind of happy.

Photography: Mia Greene @greeneeyephotography

Make up: Toya McKay @makeupmyselfclub

Hair: Kim @mystylistkimistre