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All I Want for Christmas: Holiday Joy from the Single Lady in the Room.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

If you google “Christmas card picture idea” you will mostly find pictures of families, couples, someone's kids, couples with kids, couples with pets, etc. When ordering the cards you won’t find many, if any options for pictures showing just one person on the store website either. I mean, who actually takes pictures alone and sends out Christmas cards anyway???

Me! The world will tell you that you've got to be married, be a parent, own a pet, own a house, all of these things to enjoy your Christmas. Well you don't. I have to tell you, the world had me fooled for a bit. What once was my favorite time of year, slowly became the time that I hated most. Without even realizing it my emotions would change starting in November. The very thought of the holidays drastically changed my mood. 2017 was the worst year yet! But I'd had enough. If you like complaining and feeling bad, and would like to remain right where you are, by all means do not read on, because I'm going to share how you can enjoy your time no matter what's going on around you.

When circumstances or people threaten to change our energy we've got to notice it and change the frequency--easier said than done, but absolutely possible.--

When we think of someone other than ourselves our joy level rises. You may not feel it as it's happening, but it's there and will sneak up on you as one of the most pleasant surprises ever. Here's a few activities to get your joyful juices flowing:

1. Take happy pictures and share them

2. Buy dinner for a friend

3. Give a gift to a recipient that doesn't expect it.

4. Send Christmas cards to a list of family members and friends

5. Volunteer for an area toy drive

For just 30 days stop focusing on your feelings and start giving gifts.

The gift of time.

The gift of love

The gift of generosity

The gift of compassion

The gift of Joy.

If you are anything now like I was before, then the reason you are joyless is because you feel something is lacking or maybe even someone. You feel that the few things you want you can't have.

When we begin to focus on what we do have we can change our entire world. Sure we still miss what we are longing for, but it becomes very difficult to dwell there.

This holiday season, I only want to dwell in the delight of what I have. My faith, my family, and my fortune (no matter how big or small).

All I want for Christmas is.....

My Family: Image by Lechele Jackson, Photography by Lechele

...What I already have. Everything else is on it's way.

Merry Christmas

Photography: Mia Greene, @greeneeyephotography

Family Photo: Lechele Jackson @kamragurl

Hair: Kim @mystylistkimistre

make up: Morgan @primped_prepped @Iamemjayc