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Comfort in Conversations: Sharing is Self-Care

Just the other day a good friend of mine shared something personal about herself with me. She told me that she was struggling. There was something about the way she shared her news that touched my heart. It was news that could very well be devastating; something that one would quite possibly want to keep to him or herself.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

But she had shared this news as if it was a problem she had already solved. I mean, there was just enough concern in her voice to let me know that it was a very important matter. However, she was relaxed enough to let me know that she was indeed at peace and it was being handled. Her special delivery prompted me to share my similar news with her.

The next part of our conversation was filled with a few stories, laughter, and love.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

You see, there is comfort in conversations. Sharing with someone you trust is a true form of self-care. There is something therapeutic about letting out what is within.

Many of us keep things inside for fear of judgment. We think people will categorize us as dramatic or weak or incapable. The truth of the matter is none of those things are real unless you believe them.

Furthermore, you will more than likely find that the person you are sharing with is dealing with their own stuff. Now, weather or not they are willing to let you in on that is another discussion entirely.

Just focus on delivering your news, to the right person of course. Like my good friend, share with confidence, touch a heart; handle your struggle in your mind and believe that its already done. You just might find comfort in that conversation.

Image by Mia Greene, Greene Eye Photography

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